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zQuiet Review – Get a Good Nights Sleep

Anti-snoring mouthpieces are not created equal. A lot of models work the same way on a technical level, but when it comes to fit and comfort, there are very few that a wearer can call truly comfortable. It’s an industry-wide issue.

But then came along zQuiet.

Comfortable, effective and fits well, the zQuiet is a great option for anyone who snores so loud they keep the entire house up. If you suffer from sleep apnea or chronic snoring and you’re looking for a guaranteed better sleep, zQuiet is it. This effective mouthguard for snoring is unisex, so men and women can both use the mouthpiece without worry.

Snoring can be a serious detriment to your health. When you stop the snoring, you’ll notice that you’re:

  • Refreshed
  • Revitalized
  • And filled with energy

Health starts with a good night of sleep. Your body heals faster when you sleep, it rebuilds when you sleep and it’s essential that you sleep well. When you don’t have adequate sleep or snore the entire night through, your sleep is interrupted, not allowing you to have a proper night of rest.

zQuiet helps on all of these fronts guaranteed.

Guaranteed, because there is a 30-day trial that costs just $9.95. If you’re not satisfied with the mouthpiece after the trial, return it and keep your money.

Click here to start your trial of the zQuiet.?

How and Why zQuiet Works

Dentist-designed, the zQuiet works to stop snoring in an easy, non-intrusive manner. Effective, the zQuiet treats snoring by stabilizing the jaw and bringing it forward. Your jaw won’t be able to slide back and close your airways.

Air is allowed to pass freely through the airways, allowing for the vibration to stop ceasing snoring in the process.

Small and effective, it’s the easiest way to stop snoring without having to worry about surgery or other methods that cause you intense discomfort. FDA regulated, the design of the zQuiet is both safe and effective.

Why Do People Snore Anyway?

If you’re wondering why people snore, it’s natural. People snore because when you sleep, your body naturally relaxes. This natural relaxation of the lower jaw and tissues allows the tongue to fall to the back of the throat.

Your tongue will then narrow your airways, stopping adequate airflow from reaching the back of the throat.

Your airways will start to narrow, causing a vibration sound when you breathe. The agitation caused by the vibration over the tissues in your mouth will cause you to start snoring. You won’t be able to enjoy a good night of sleep when you’re snoring all night.

Your health will suffer over the long-term.

Energy levels will drop. If you’re a person who is known for snoring and feels like they never have energy when they wake up, it’s because snoring interrupts your natural sleep cycle.

But you’re not alone if you snore.

Statistics show that 90 million people in the United States suffer from snoring.

And these statistics also translate to other parts of the world, where large percentages of the population snore.

zQuiet stops snoring in its tracks.

What Makes zQuiet So Special?

There’s a lot to like about the zQuiet device. When you have a mouthpiece that you’re forced to sleep with, it’s important that it’s made with high-quality material. But that isn’t the only thing that zQuiet has to offer.

When you use the zQuiet, you’re choosing a mouthpiece that offers:

  • BPA- and latex-free material
  • Material that is medical grade
  • Two mouthpieces (one extends the jaw further)
  • A universal fit
  • An easy cleaning options
  • A medical class II device (FDA certified)

There’s also Living Hinge Technology. What this technology does is allows you to move your mouth and even speak when wearing your mouthpiece. You can’t speak or move your mouth with a lot of other mouthpieces, which makes wear very uncomfortable.

Living Hinge Technology makes the mouthpiece flexible, so it’s a comfortable option to sleep in, unlike many other mouthpieces.

What Complaints Do zQuiet Users Have?

In an effort to be fair and impartial, I want you to know the most common complaints people have when using the zQuiet. When you know what people are complaining about, it makes it much easier to make a purchasing decision.

A few of the quirks that people complain about are:

  • zQuiet uses a one-size-fits-all approach, so the mouthpiece isn’t going to fit everyone well. You can cut and file the mouthpiece down to make it fit better. There’s also a second mouthpiece included.
  • Users with weak teeth or dentures should not wear this device.
  • Soreness is experienced for some people, but after a few times of wearing the device, it goes away.

When you order the trial and return your product, keep in mind that the shipping costs will not be refunded. This isn’t much of a surprise, but it’s something you’ll want to consider. For a 30-day trial, you can’t expect much more.

First Wear and Experience

I noted earlier that there are two mouthpieces provided with your order, and the one simply extends the jaw further out to stop snoring. I noted during my zQuiet review that the mouthpiece is very soft and flexible, and this is what a lot of people love about this product.

Hard mouthpieces are not pleasant to wear.

You’ll also find that the zQuiet’s hinge technology is unique, and while you can freely breathe with it on, you can also talk, which is nice.

Thermoplastic elastomer is used in the creation of the mouthpiece. Now, I don’t know much about this material, but I do know a few key points:

  • It’s very comfortable
  • Thermoplastic elastomer is BPA-free
  • The material is latex-free

So, you never have to worry about those nasty BPAs seeping into your mouth or allergic reactions from latex.

I was happy to find that the company behind the zQuiet is FDA cleared and part of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

FDA clearance is very important because this means that the mouthpiece, which is a medical grade device, has passed rigorous safety requirements and testing.

Airflow posts can be found on the mouthpiece, which allows you to sleep without completely closing the back of your mouth.

Why is this important?

If you completely close the back of your mouth, you’ll be blocking your airflow, causing you to snore again and miss the vital oxygen your body needs to feel lively and refreshed.

I will note that if you’ve never worn a sleep aide before, you may have a sore jaw the first few nights. The issue is that you’re so accustomed to keeping your jaw back when you sleep that it gets sore when its actually in the proper place.

But you will also have an immediate increase in:

  • Energy levels
  • Sleep quality

You’ll feel great after just the first night of use even if you do have a sore jaw at the time. The trial allows you to really give the zQuiet a good try, and I recommend that you wear this product for 2 ? 3 weeks before judging it.

It does work, it’s FDA cleared and it’s designed by a dentist.

And if you have a partner that also snores, you’ll be able to notice first-hand how nice it is to sleep the night through without being woken up by the other person. It’s also nice to be like: “hey, this device really works.”

zQuiet has created the industry’s most comfortable mouthpiece with flexible material that will even allow you to talk when you’re wearing it.

If you’re a person that snores or you have a partner that snores, try the zQuiet with the 30-day trial and see the difference.

Click here to stop snoring and start your trial of zQuiet today.

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