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Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme Rollator Review: Inexpensive & Durable

Winnie Lite SupremeThe Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme is a three-wheel rollator that?s lightweight, attractive in design and delivers a smooth ride. It also boasts a number of extra features that users will appreciate, like loop locks and a convenient storage pouch.

If you?re looking to improve your mobility and have found that two-wheel and four-wheel walkers just won?t cut it, the Winnie Lite Supreme may be the right choice for you.

Winnie Lite Supreme Features at a Glance

  • Product Weight: 11lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Dimensions: 22.75? long x 26? wide x 32? tall
  • Adjustable handle height of 31?-38?
  • 5? casters
  • Carry pouch included
  • Loop locks
  • Adjustable brakes

Our Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme Review

A three-wheel walker like the Winnie Lite Supreme is ideal for use on most surfaces and offers many advantages over two-wheel and four-wheel walkers. You enjoy more stability and gain maneuverability that can be difficult with a four-wheel model.

This particular rollator offers a number of features that users will love, particularly if they need to move through crowded spaces.

Easy Maneuverability

Unlike other three-wheel walkers, the right and left sides of this model can be squeezed together to make the walker more compact when moving through tight spaces or crowds.

Each handle features brake controls, so you?re always in control of your speed ? another great feature for walking through crowds or down hills.

Loop locks are included, too, for added safety, and the 7.5? casters provide added stability while moving along a variety of surfaces.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

One of the nice things about this walker is that it?s easy to transport, and its light weight makes it easy to take in and out of the car.

With dimension of 22.75? long x 26? wide x 32? tall, this walker has a fairly compact footprint.

When you?re ready to pack up this walker, it folds up for easy storage and transport.

Accommodates Virtually All Users

The Winnie Supreme Light comes equipped with adjustable handles, so you can adjust the height between 31? and 38?. Handle adjustability ensures that you can find just the right height for you, which will make using the walker more comfortable and natural.

This model also features a higher weight capacity of 300lbs, which means the vast majority of users will have no issues using this walker.

Convenient Storage

A carry pouch is included with this walker, so you can safely and securely transport your personal items.

The pouch is large enough to hold several grocery items, which can make trips to the store a little more convenient.

Some variations of this walker also come with a wire basket designed specifically to make shopping easier.

The Winnie Lite Supreme from Drive Medical is lightweight, easily transportable and is exceptionally easy to move through tight spaces or crowds. With a convenient storage pouch and adjustable brakes and handle heights, this walker can be personalized to your liking while providing you with space to safely and securely transport your personal items.

If you?re looking for a three-wheel walker that offers tremendous value and maneuverability, we highly recommend the Winnie Lite Supreme.

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