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3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker Review – Get Around With Ease

trio walker rollatorThe 3 Wheel Trio Roller does one thing well: gives you your mobility back. This walker is meant to provide a little more stability and also allows users to walk faster. Since this walker is one with three wheels, you?ll be able to walk as fast as your feet will propel you.

And with the ability to fold up, it can fit perfectly in the backseat of your car.

We?ve had the pleasure of reviewing this walker, and we were impressed. Let?s take a look at what we liked and didn?t like about this model before going deeper into our review.


  • Sturdy design
  • Large storage pockets
  • Collapses for easy transport


  • Lightweight

It seems odd to name ?lightweight? as a con, but it makes the walker feel unstable at first. And while it?s lighter than the competition, it won?t budge or fall over easily, so the lightweight design is technically a benefit.

Some people like the lightweight design and others hate it, so you need to make your choice based on your preference.

If you like walkers that are heavier, then this may not be a good fit for you. But for others, this is a great three-wheeled walker ? let?s find out why.

3 Wheel Trio Roller Walker Review

The 3 Wheel Trio weighs just 7.5 pounds, and it has dimensions of 22? x 25.5? x 38?. This walker is the ideal choice for the very active walker user. If you only plan on using your walker once in a while, or if you need a heavy-duty model, this may not be the right option for you.

The lightweight design makes this walker easy to transport and fold up to put in the trunk or backseat of your car.

An active lifestyle is what the Trio offers.

Users are able to walk fast and maneuver with greater ease thanks to the Trio?s design. Brakes can be engaged on the three wheels to ensure that the walker doesn?t move when you?re reaching for an item or fiddling through your purse to find change.

Once ready to proceed, you can unlock the brakes and be on your way.

All brakes are controlled with your hands, and there is a large carry bag included. The bag allows you to carry your personal items right on the walker so that you always have two hands on the walker?s handles at all times. Placed on the inside of the walker, the bag can close shut with Velcro and is close to your body so that it eliminates any risk of theft.

Assembly is tool-free and easy.

When it?s time to put the walker away, it folds up with ease. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this walker allows you to move around with ease while being narrow enough to fit through smaller doorways.

The wheels are 7.5? in diameter, and the height of the walker can be adjusted between 31.75? and 38? for users of all heights and sizes.

Users of up to 250 pounds can comfortably and confidently use this walker.? The only downside which should be noted is that there isn?t a seat included. The lack of a seat may be a concern for users that have less stamina, but the design and easy folding option make this walker a good choice for anyone that doesn?t need a seat attachment.

The A333?s wheels are large enough to be able to move over grass, and you never have to worry about this walker tilting under normal usage. In total, this walker has a width of 24.5? from one side to the other.

If you?re in need of a walker and want to be able to walk faster while enjoying a high level of stability, the 3 Wheel Trio is a great choice. If this isn’t the right fit for you then I suggest visiting the following link where we list our favorite three wheeled walkers:?

=>?Click here to see what others are saying about the 3 Wheel Trio.

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