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Which is the Best Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard?

Sleep apnea affects an estimated 22 million people in America, and 80% of those cases are moderate to severe, according to the American Sleep Apnea Association.

Positive airway pressure (PAP) machines are the most common treatment option for moderate to severe sleep apnea. However, they are expensive, bulky and not the most fun to use. They also aren’t a suitable solution for those with mild symptoms. For those people, there are less expensive alternatives available.

For those looking for a simple solution to their chronic snoring, a sleep apnea mouthpiece may be a quick and inexpensive solution.

Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard

Device Classification
Government Approval
More Information
Vital Sleep
*** New and Updated Design ***
Mandibular Advancement Device with a hinge
It's made of non-toxic, medical grade materials, USA-sourced, BPA-free, Latex-free
FDA Cleared
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Good Morning Snore Solution
Tongue Retaining Device
FDA-compliant BPA-free. Latex-free medical grade resin.
FDA cleared, Health Canada, European Commission and Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Approval.
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zQuiet Mouth Guard
Mandibular Advancement Device with a hinge.
Your mouth can move with this model - great for mouth breathers.
BPA-free Latex-free, FDA-compliant thermoplastic elastomer.
FDA Class II Medical Device designation.
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Zensleep Mouthpiece
Tongue Retaining Device
BPA-free Latex-free, Medical Grade silicone
FDA Class II Medical Device designation.
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Sleep Tight Mouth Guard
Boil and bite adjustable Mandibular Advancement Device. Simple and effective.
BPA-free Latex-free, FDA-compliant thermoplastic elastomer.
FDA Class II Medical Device designation.
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What is a Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece?

A mouthpiece for sleep apnea is a device that helps keep your airways open at night. These easy-to-wear mouth guards help stop snoring ? the most common symptom of sleep apnea.

Classified as oral appliances, these mouthpieces typically work by pushing your jaw forward. Pushing your jaw forward expands the size of your upper airways and reduces the air resistance that causes sleep apnea.

These anti-snoring devices are best suited for people with mild or moderate cases of sleep apnea.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of an Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Anti-snore mouth guards work great for some people, and not so well for others. Just like with any other treatment (like sleep apnea pillows reviewed here), there are benefits and drawbacks to using this type of mouth guard.

The Advantages of Using Oral Appliances to Treat Sleep Apnea

One of the most obvious benefits to using a snoring mouth guard is that it’s compact, portable and noninvasive. There are no machines or masks to deal with, so you may find it more comfortable to sleep at night. And there’s no need to worry about going under the knife to treat chronic snoring.

Mouth guards are also more discreet, which means they’re practically invisible to your bed partner.

Most people experience symptom relief immediately from these devices, and because they don’t run on electricity, they save on energy costs.

The Drawbacks of Oral Appliances Therapy

Of course, there are also a few drawbacks to using an oral appliance to treat your sleep apnea.

If you have a more severe case of sleep apnea, a mouth guard may not be enough to provide you with symptom relief. In this case, a PAP machine or surgery may be your only options.

Some people who use oral appliances also develop temporal mandibular joint arthritis (TMJ) or pain.

Other people report strange sensations when they remove the device in the morning and sometimes have difficulty bringing their teeth back into their normal position.

While anti-snoring devices can be effective for treating sleep apnea, sleep studies are still recommended before and after you start treatment. Regular monitoring of the effectiveness of the mouth guard can help ensure that this therapy is the right choice for you.

Regular visits with your doctor and sleep studies may not necessarily be a drawback ? unless you were hoping to buy a mouth guard and fix your condition without the help of your doctor (not recommended).

Our 5 Favorite Sleep apnea Mouth Guards

There are dozens of anti-snore mouth guards on the market today, and some work better than others. We’re going to share our five favorite mouth guards for sleep apnea.

VitalSleep Mouthpiece for Snoring

*** New and Improved Design! ***

vitalsleep mouthpiece diagram
VitalSleep is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that opens up your airways to improve breathing and treat the root cause of snoring. Their new design has made a huge difference in the way I sleep.

VitalSleep adheres to the natural contours of your mouth for optimal fit and compliance. A flexible frame allows for enhanced comfort and better support, while the special Hinged Technology keeps your mouth open 25 degrees for better airflow.

There are two main improvements with the new design. A lower profile and a better fit.

When putting it in my mouth I noticed that the profile of the mouthpiece was indeed much lower than the previous model and felt a lot more comfortable.

However, the biggest improvement I found with this new design is in they way it custom fits to your teeth. All it takes is 90 seconds to customize it for a perfect fit. You do this in three simple steps:

  1. Heat the mouthpiece in water for 90 seconds
  2. Bite it to create an impression of your teeth
  3. Drop into cold water to solidify your impression

This was a big improvement for me as it felt a lot more comfortable having my teeth slide into their perfect position. It felt a lot more natural.

Now on to the custom fitting to your jaw…

Each package comes with a hex key that you use to customize the trays to fit your mouth. This step took a bit of time and over the first couple nights my mouth was a bit sore, but I made some adjustments and my jaw did get used to it. However, I didn’t have to make too many adjustments to the trays to find the right fit.

The micro-adjusting sliding mechanism also has a helpful blue marker that allows you to more easily track for an even better fit. Simply use the included hex tool to the turn the left and right adjustment screws.

I’m happy to report that after a couple of weeks I was completely used to it being in my mouth and my snoring had stopped. My wife is very happy 🙂

VitalSleep is made in the USA and with medical-grade, BPA-free materials. It?s also FDA-cleared to reduce snoring.

Cleaning it is very straight-forward.? You can buy their cleaning spray or you can do it yourself by doing the following:

  1. Rinse in cold water
  2. Brush with toothbrush and paste like you are brushing your own teeth
  3. Rinse and store in the case that is included

VitalSleep comes with a protective carrying case and has a low-profile design. Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase is protected.


  • Micro-adjustments and moldable design allow for a customized fit
  • Hinged Technology keeps the jaw open slightly to keep airways open
  • Choose from two sizes: men and women
  • Sleep in any position and breath through your mouth or nose
  • Made in USA with high-quality, BPA-free materials
  • FDA-cleared means the device is safe and effective


  • Micro-adjustments can take some time to get the perfect fit

The one thing that sets VitalSleep apart from other mouth guards is the very same thing that can be a nuisance to some people: micro-adjustments. The micro-adjustments are great for getting the perfect fit, but making the adjustment can be a nuisance.

To adjust the right and left side, you have to use the included hex tool. That can be difficult to do while the piece is in your mouth so I highly recommend you remove it when making your adjustments.

Overall, I am very happy with the VitalSleep anti-snoring device. It is a great tool to help stop snoring and provide relief from mild sleep apnea.


ZenSleep Review

zensleep reviewIf snoring is keeping your partner up at night, ZenSleep can help you ? and everyone else ? get a better night of sleep. Unlike other anti-snoring products, this is a complete kit that includes three parts. These parts work together to address the problem areas that cause snoring in the first place.

The ZenSleep Statert Kit is designed to give you everything you need to stop snoring. It addresses the problem by focusing on three locations: the mouth, the back of the throat, and the nose.

Each kit includes the following anti-snore products:


zenguardThe ZenGuard is a tongue retaining device that instantly stops snoring. It works by pushing the tongue gently forward and preventing it from falling backward to obstruct the airway. Most people are able to eliminate snoring in the very first night they wear it.

The device is specifically designed to stop snoring originating from the mouth and throat.

ZenGuard is:

  • BPA-free
  • Made of medical-grade silicone
  • The result of 5 years of clinical research
  • Works on 99.5% of customers


zenstrapThe ZenStrap works with the ZenGuard to keep your jaw and tongue in the appropriate position to stop snoring. The strap provides gentle support for the lower jaw, and helps keep the airway open.

The strap promotes better breathing and helps improve your overall quality of sleep. This particular device works to stop snoring originating from the mouth.

If you’re worried about discomfort, don’t be. The strap is easy to use and the material is comfortable to wear.


zenventsZenVents addresses snoring originating from the nose. Its unique design keeps the nasal passageways open to maximize airflow.

This anti-snoring device is:

  • BPA free
  • Made of medical grade silicone

Most people stop snoring the first day of using the device.

Bonuses: ZenMask and ZenPlugs

The three main devices in the kit work to stop snoring, but the makers of these products also include some helpful devices for sleeping partners: ear plugs and an eye mask.

The ZenMask blocks out 100% of light. This soft mask is contoured with a nose ridge for maximum comfort. The design of the mask won’t put pressure on your eyes, and the adjustable Velcro strap allows for a fitted design.

The ZenPlugs block out sound for an even deeper night of sleep. The plugs are washable and reusable, so you enjoy extended use. They have a flanged design and are made of soft silicone for ultimate comfort.


  • Includes multiple devices to stop snoring
  • Includes extras to help sleeping partners sleep better
  • All devices are backed by research
  • All devices are comfortable to wear


  • Products are expensive when bought separately

The makers of ZenSleep include all of the devices in one kit, or you can purchase them separately. But each product costs almost as much as the entire kit when bought separately. If you only wanted one device, this may be a drawback.

Otherwise, ZenSleep is the ultimate anti-snoring kit, and includes devices that address all causes of snoring.

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Good Morning Snore Solution

Stop snoringGood Morning Snore Solution is unique both in design and the way it works. If you’re not a fan of the conventional mouth guard approach, you might appreciate this anti-snoring device.

Instead of keeping your jaw open, this device works by using Tongue Stabilization. What this means is that the mouthpiece moves the tongue forward to prevent it from falling back into the throat. The airways stay open, and you enjoy a restful night of sleep.

The Good Morning Snore Solution was developed by top researchers and through years of clinical testing. One study in the Journal of Sleep and Breathing May 2008 shows how well this device is for snoring.

Good Morning Snore Solution is cleared by the FDA, and lasts about a year.


  • Easy to use
  • Tongue Stabilization method is more comfortable than jaw-opening devices
  • FDA-cleared
  • Simple technology ? no fitting required


  • Requires you to breathe through your nose

If you typically breathe through your mouth at night, you may have a harder time adjusting to the Good Morning Snore Solution. This mouthpiece requires you to breathe through your nose.

But overall, this mouth guard is effective and comfortable. If you’re looking for an alternative to conventional mouth guards, this may be a good option for you.

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SleepTight Snoring Mouth Guard

Sleep Tight mouthguard for snoringSleepTight is an anti-snore mouth guard that’s easy to fit and designed by a dentist. The look and feel of this mouthpiece is different from conventional models ? and that’s a good thing.

Fitting takes five minutes or less with the SleepTight, and it’s so simple to use. FDA-cleared, you can be sure that this device is effective at stopping snoring and helping with symptoms of sleep apnea.

SleepTight was actually developed by Dr. Mike Williams, who is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

This mouth guard is moldable just like a conventional mouth guard you would wear to prevent teeth grinding. It also lasts up to two years.

The makers of SleepTight say their mouthpiece works better than conventional mouth guards because it fits tighter and is better at increasing air flow.

SleepTight comes with a protective container, and is made without latex or BPA materials.


  • Easily moldable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Tighter fit allows for better airflow
  • FDA-cleared as an anti-snoring device


  • Needs to be replaced often

Like a conventional mouth guard, the SleepTight mouthpiece needs to be replaced every six months to two years.

Aside from this minor inconvenience, the SleepTight device is a great option for anyone who wants a familiar, comfortable fit. The manufacturer also allows you to try the device at a discounted rate, so you can see if this is the right mouth guard for you.

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zQuiet Mouthpiece

Snoring is common. Studies show that 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women snore. That means 1 out of 3 people you know are snoring every night, and there’s a good chance that they’re keeping their partner awake, too.

zQuiet Mouthpiece aims to kick snoring out of bed.

In fact, the company guarantees that you’ll have a better sleep and better life.

Created to help people that snore take back their lives, the zQuiet Mouthpiece is designed to:

  • Stop snoring in its tracks
  • Work for men and women
  • Allow for a small profile (so it fits great)
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Boost your sleep quality

Snoring keeps a lot of people from being able to enjoy a night of sleep that is refreshing. And while you might view snoring as just another inconvenience, there are some health complications that go along with snoring.

Low energy levels and never feeling like you slept are just a few of the side effects of snoring.

How and Why the zQuiet Mouthpiece Works

zQuiet mouth guardWhat makes this mouthpiece so special? The way it works. zQuiet is designed to widen the airway that is responsible for snoring. You see, when you snore, it’s caused by tissues in the back of your throat.

The tissue vibrates, causing the snoring sound we all know and dislike.

Incorporating a comfort system, the zQuiet moves your lower jaw forward slightly, allowing you to avoid the tissue vibration that causes snoring.

This is the same technology that dentists have been making a killing off of for years. And now it’s available to consumers at an extremely affordable price.

Designated a Class II medical device, the entire unit has been deemed to include material that is safe by the FDA.

The manufacturer is so confident in the design and effectiveness of their mouthpiece that they’re even offering a 30-day trial. You don’t pay a dime for this mouthpiece until you’ve tried it and want to keep using it after 30 days.

Years of technology and innovation have gone into the design of the zQuiet.

Living hinge technology is incorporated into the revolutionary design of the zQuiet. You don’t need to fuss with this mouthpiece – take it out of the box, and it’s ready for use.

Easy to use and comfortable, the zQuiet allows you to sleep the night through feeling more energized than you have in years.

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