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6 of the Best Accessories For Your Rollator and Walker

Rollators help add mobility to a person’s life. However, a rollator with the right accessories can also make your life a lot more convenient and comfortable. Getting out of the house is great, but if you do and have nowhere to put your favorite beverage or some groceries then life can become a pain. With the right accessories ?you can get out of the house and enjoy life without struggles or hassles along the way.

What accessories can (and should) you add to your rollator?

Below you will find?a few of the best accessories that we think will make your life a lot easier.

6 Accessories?all types of walkers

1. Cup Holder

Walking with a cup on your hand is impossible when you need both hands on the rollator handles to help you balance. A cup holder allows you to walk safely with both hands on your rollator without having to worry about spilling. One you are on an?even surface, you can reach down and grab your drink.

A cup holder gives you the freedom to bring your favorite drink along with you wherever you go.

AdirMed?offers a cup holder that fits on a wheelchair and walker. The cup size is adjustable, so you can bring along a soda or even a cup of coffee for that extra pep you need to get through your walk.

2. Totes and Bags

Totes and bags are a must. They make going out and running errands much easier. As you are out and about you can add your personal items to your tote, and when you need them, you can pick them out of your bag. If you do a lot of shopping, the bag or tote makes it much easier to shop with all your goods by your side.

Of course, totes are a little different than bags.

Juvo Products offers a great tote that allows for transporting a variety of products, including:

  • Notebooks
  • Newspapers
  • iPads
  • Phones
  • Personal belongings

Personal items, such as credit cards or a license, should be kept in a zipper enclosure, which helps alleviate the risk of losing your items and the risk of theft. Front and back pockets are available in some models to keep your most important items in your view at all times.

Another nice thing about them is that many totes or bags can be attached to a wheelchair, too.

3. Cane Holder

A cane holder can help a person bring along an additional mobility aid. The use of a cane is more practical due to the smaller size and easy mobility. When a person uses a rollator, they often need a lot of stability support, but this doesn’t mean a cane is impractical.

Many people will walk down steep terrain or uneven surfaces with their walker.

But when the person reaches a flat surface, they’re able to use a cane confidently because they know they won’t fall. This is also an option when placing the rollator in the trunk of an automobile and support is still needed to get back to the driver’s seat with a little aid.

The cane holder can also be useful for older establishments that don’t have handicap accessible doors and may be too small for a rollator.

4. Cell Phone Holder

Cell phones have changed the world, and when slips and falls happen, a cell phone can help a person get the help they need in seconds. The great thing is that these cell phone holders are easy to install, and they often attach to:

  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Electric scooters
  • Rollators

Flip and smart phones can fit in these holders, but always try to find a holder that displays the dimensions allowed. Very large phones may not fit in these holders.

5. Rollator Basket

Bags are great for shopping, but baskets are even better. When a person goes to the pharmacy or grocery store, they often need to use a scooter or rely on a shopping cart for added support when walking.

The ability to carry a basket is eliminated when a person’s hands need to be on the rollator’s handles.

Baskets can allow for:

  • Easy shopping
  • High weight capacity

But many baskets are designed for only certain rollator models. Make sure that you buy a basket that is either universal or is designed specifically to fit on your rollator.

6. Safety Mobility Light

Mobility requires proper lighting for the utmost safety. Trips and falls often occur because a lack of visibility leads to a person stepping in a hole, tripping over a rock or curb or simply missing a step and falling.

Attach a mobility light to your rollator to allow for the added visibility you need to walk confidently.

The best part is that some of these mobility lights can attach to a:

  • Walker
  • Rollator
  • Cane

You’ll also find many lights that offer:

  • Motion sensing
  • Low light sensing

This allows for an intuitive light that works to make the life of the user easier. You won’t be required to turn the light on or off ? it will do it all on its own for you.

These are our top 6 picks for the best accessories for your rollator. If you find yourself wishing your rollator was more convenient or had a certain adaptation to make your life a little easier, there may be an accessory that can help.

If you are in the market for a new rollator I highly suggest that you?read this post?where we review the best rollators on the market today.

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