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Step Mobility: 3 Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps For Your Home

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that we live in a world that wasn?t designed for people?in a wheelchair. Your home may have a wheelchair lift, but how many times have you tried to enter a place of business?or go to a friend?s home and not be able to get your wheelchair in the door?

For many people this is a daily occurrence and a major inconvenience. However, owning a?portable wheelchair ramp will provide you with the freedom and maximum mobility no matter where you go.

These ramps can help you with:

  • Getting over steps
  • Accessing vehicles like vans (in some cases)

There are some options you should consider?when shopping for the ideal model for you:

  • Note the weight capacity. Make sure it will be sufficient enough to hold you and your wheelchair’s weight. If you have an electric wheelchair?then you must account for its weight.
  • Width and length matter, too, as shorter lengths will produce a higher incline.
  • The weight of a portable unit should be light enough to allow for you to carry it around with relative ease.

We?ve had the pleasure of reviewing three different styles of temporary wheelchair ramps, and each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Top 3 Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Prairie View Industries SFW430

best wheelchair rampThe Prairie View SFW430 is a portable ramp that is 4 feet in length and 30 inches in width. This allows for a nice and smooth elevation. Perfect for a scooter or wheelchair, this model offers a 4? to 8? rise at its highest peak.

When not in use, this model can be folded in half for easy storage.

What?s special about this portable ramp is that it can hold a maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds. This allows even heavier electric wheelchairs to be able to use the ramp in most cases.

A handle is present on the ramp, too, that allows the ramp to be carried much like a suitcase. In total, this unit weighs 20 pounds, and it?s designed to offer easy mobility over steps. Some users have used this model over two or three steps, but it does have difficulty with long steps.


  • Lightweight and long
  • Heavy weight capacity
  • Folds up for easy storage


  • Not ideal for under thresholds under 3 inches

Besides this ramp not being able to be used on thresholds of under 4?, this is a great ramp that?s affordable and has a high weight capacity.

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Titan Aluminum Portable?Wheelchair Ramp

Titan portable wheelchair rampThis ramp is the Titan?MF6, and it has a very long length of 6 feet ? an entire 24? longer in length than the SFW430. This model also has a 2.5? angled lip, and the weight capacity of the unit is 600 pounds.

A soft nylon handle is present for easy carrying, but this unit is heavier at 40 pounds.

The unit can be folded up, and it?s meant for wheelchairs and scooters ? walking is not recommended.

If you need a longer ramp, this is a great option. You?ll be able to offer a more gradual decline, and it can span over more than one step in a lot of cases.


  • Long length for gradual decline
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Comes fully assembled


  • 40-pound weight

This ramp is heavy, and if a person does fold it up, they may need help setting it up in some cases. But for a longer ramp, this is to be expected. If you need a longer ramp, this is a good choice at 6-feet in length.

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Rage Powersports SCG-2 Single Fold

RAGE POWERSPORTS SCG-2 SINGLE FOLD rampThe SCG-2 is a lightweight ramp that is made from aluminum. The unit does fold in half for easy storage, and there are pre-drilled holes that allow the ramp to be mounted properly.

A carrying handle allows the unit to be transported with ease, and there is an attaching lip that will work on any surface type.

What?s unique about this model is that it?s very durable and weighs just 11 pounds. The dimensions of the unit are:

  • 29? width
  • 24? length

This is a sturdy and durable ramp.


  • One of the lightest ramps on the market
  • Affordable and offers pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • Security pins allow the unit to remain safely in place


  • Not great for more than one step

When used over two steps, this ramp will be quite steep, which is a concern for users. It?s a great option for one step, but you always want to be careful with the decline so that you don?t roll too quickly down the ramp.

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