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Top 3 Lightweight Wheelchairs – Light and Affordable

Heavy wheelchairs are difficult for handicapped individuals to maneuver, and reduces their overall mobility, too. If a wheelchair is difficult to pack into the trunk of a car or to move around the house, a person will often avoid leaving the home.

Best LightWeight Wheelchairs in 2017

ModelWeight CapacityWeightMore Information
Drive Medical Super Lite
up to 250 pounds19 pounds
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Drive Medical Fly Lite
up to 300 pounds23.8 pounds
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Drive Medical Lightweight

up to 250 pounds32 pounds
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For most people, if a rollator isn’t an option any longer, a lightweight wheelchair is an ideal solution.

Many wheelchair users – not all of them, but many and especially the elderly – may have some leg function. Some may even be able to stand long enough to place their wheelchair in the trunk of a vehicle and take a few steps to the driver?s seat.

Others may need a portable wheelchair for long-distances.

With a heavy wheel chair, a person may need help getting and setting up their wheelchair for their own use. Hindering your own mobility and independence with a heavy wheelchair isn?t ideal.

Lightweight folding wheelchairs are great options for temporary injuries, or long-distance users that may be able to walk for 10 minutes, but need a compact wheelchair for those times when they don?t have the strength or energy to continue walking.

Top 3 Lightweight Wheelchair Reviews

1.????? Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

Drive Medical offers a durable, steel wheelchair that is considered a transport wheelchair. This lightweight, portable wheelchair is meant for users that need to be pushed around. There are no traditional wheels that will allow you to propel yourself.

Drive Medical lightweight wheelchairSo, this is a wheelchair for:

  • Permanently disabled users with little or no use of their arms
  • Long-distance trips with family or someone that will help propel the wheelchair
  • Ambulances and transport facilities

There are four smaller wheels that easily rotate to allow for quick turns and easy movement. Large footrests are included, and the armrests are padded for additional comfort, which is a nice perk.

Users of up to 250 pounds can use this wheelchair comfortably.

A seat width of 16.5? is present, and the chair can be folded for easy storage. When it comes to safety, there is a safety belt as well as rear wheel locks that will keep the chair in place at all times.

With the simple back clip, you can also fold down just the backrest.

The foot rests swing away to the side, allowing for easy transfers and the ability to stand for users that can do so. Weighing just 26 pounds in total, this foldable wheelchair is able to accommodate users of all ages and most sizes.

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2.????? Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

The Drive Medical Fly is meant to be an ultra-lightweight wheelchair. In terms of function, this model also comes with the four-wheel setup, meaning you won?t be able to propel yourself without the help of someone pushing you along.

Fly Light wheelchairSturdy and durable, the footrests can be folded, and a tool-free design is present, meaning swinging the footrest aside is a breeze.

A checkered back material is a little more stylish than a plain black that most wheelchairs offer. The back wheels have safety stops to ensure the user is safe and secure on an incline or decline and can?t easily move the chair if attempted.

The front wheels are 6?, while the back wheels are 8? in diameter. The increased height of the back wheels allows a person to be bumped up stairs and curbs with greater ease. The seat?s width is slightly bigger at 18.75?, and the weight capacity of this wheelchair is 300 pounds.

A clasp on the back of the chair allows the seat to be lowered. You can also easily fold the chair up and put it in the closet.

An aluminum design allows the chair to weigh just 17 pounds without rigging and 23.8 pounds with rigging.

For larger users, this model is the better option simply because it can hold a substantial amount more weight and offers an overall lighter design without losing strength and durability.

Click here to read more about the Fly Light Ultra Lightweight wheelchair.

3.????? Drive Medical Super Light, Folding Transport Chair

Blue in color, the final model on our list is super light, weighing just 19 pounds in total. This unit is a little different than the models previously reviewed because they have a footrest bar rather than two separate footrests.

Super Light folding portable wheelchairBars are often more comfortable, but they do make transfer a little more difficult.

Composite wheels are present to ensure that this is one of the best lightweight wheelchairs on the market today. A standard lock is present on the back wheels to keep the user from moving their chair too much and to keep the chair safely in position.

The armrests are a little higher than normal, but they?re positioned at a height that does make standing up out of the chair a little easier for users that can stand. The armrests can also be lifted up completely so that they?re out of the way.

The ability to lift the armrests allows the user to:

  • Transfer onto the wheelchair with greater ease
  • Help lift and place the user with ease
  • Allow for more overall room for larger users

Wheelchairs are more accommodating when the arms can be lifted up, and with a transport chair, this just makes getting in and out of the chair a little more functional.

A safety belt is present that will snap together around a user?s waist to ensure that he or she does not fall out of the wheelchair even when going downhill.

Included with this wheelchair is a carry bag that also has a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap and carry bag are perfect for:

  • Carrying medical devices
  • Carrying urinals
  • Carrying extra stoppers or equipment
  • Carrying first-aid supplies

The wheels are maintenance-free, and this wheelchair is foldable so that it can be stored in the back of a van or safely in the closet. Weighing just 19 pounds, this is one of the best lightweight wheelchairs in the industry.

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Final Thoughts

Transport wheelchairs, like those listed above, are different than a traditional wheelchair. As you may have noticed, transport chairs do not have large wheels that allow the user to be able to push themselves around. Transport wheelchairs are lighter in weight because they do not have these large wheels.

While not the best option for someone with full function or even full function in their upper body, the lightweight wheelchairs above are the right choice for anyone that will have someone push them around. An overall lighter weight and a compact design allow these chairs to be more functional while taking up minimal space in a home, ambulance or on your vertical wheelchair lift.

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