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Our Favorite Home Hoyer Lift Slings For Easy Patient Transfers

Home care can make a patient’s life more comfortable, but it’s important to ensure that you have the right equipment for the job. If your loved one has severe mobility issues or is recovering from an injury, you might benefit from a hoyer lift. A hoyer lift is essentially a patient lift for use in your home. They are used to help you transfer someone into a bed without wrecking yours or your care aid’s back.

ModelWeight CapacityMore Information
Probasics Hydraulic Lift
up to 450 pounds
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Drive Medical Lift

up to 450 pounds
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Medline Hydraulic Lift

up to 400 pounds
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The Benefits of a Hoyer Lift

Hoyer lifts offer a number of benefits, particularly when used for home care.

Added Safety

The primary benefit to having a lift is safety. In some cases, it is dangerous to move patients. Hoyer lifts allow caregivers to lift up patients without them having to move themselves or several people trying to lift the patient.

Moving patients puts caregivers at great risk of injuring their arms or backs. Lifts make it safer to move patients from chairs, stretchers or bedside commodes.

Easier Care

Hoyer lifts allow caregivers to do their job without fear of injury or without needing extra help. These lifts make it easy to attach the sling and lift the patient where they need to go quickly. The attached wheels on these lifts also have brakes for added stability and safety.

How to Choose a hydraulic Lift for Your Home

When choosing a hoyer lift, there are several things you need to consider, such as:

Weight Capacity

One of the first and most important things to consider is the lift’s weight capacity. Most models can handle several hundred pounds of weight, but you must double check the product description to verify that it can accommodate the patient.

Lift Design

There are a few different types of lift design: hydraulic, battery powered and electric. We’re going to discuss hydraulic lifts, which are the most budget-friendly option.

Hydraulic lifts use a hand crank to lift the patient, which means the caregiver must be able to generate enough counter-leverage to lift.

Cradle Attachment Points

Hydraulic lifts work with cradles that have two, four, or six attachment points. Some accommodate more than one type of cradle.

The more attachment points the cradle has, the larger the area of patient weight distribution. This is an important consideration because a six-point cradle will require less bending and movement from the patient than four- or two-point cradles.

Many people prefer the six-point models, and you’ll find that most models on the market fit into this category.

Along with the number of cradle points, you also want to consider whether the lift comes with a sling. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to purchase one separately.

3 of Our Favorite Hoyer Lifts

1. Personal Hydraulic Lift from Probasics by PMI

hydraulic lift for home useThe personal hydraulic lift from Probasics by PMI has a high weight capacity of 450 pounds and can be used with four- or six-point slings. Easy to assemble and highly durable, this hydraulic lift comes equipped with wheels for easy storage.


  • Weight: 68 pounds
  • 5″ locking casters on the front and rear
  • Lifting range of 22″-64″
  • Adjustable base width
  • Padded swivel bar that can use 4 or 6 point slings
  • 450lb weight capacity

This manual hydraulic patient lift features a lifting range of 22″ to 64″ and offers an adjustable base width. The 5″ caster wheels in the front and back of the lift make it easy to move around. The two rear wheels have a locking mechanism that makes it easy to store the lift without worry of it rolling away.

The larger wheels also allow the lift to roll over carpeting.

Easy assembly means that you’ll have this lift up and ready for use in no time.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide lifting range
  • High weight capacity
  • Easy to roll around
  • Base width is adjustable
  • Sturdy


  • A little difficult to roll backwards

The only complaint with this hoyer lift is that it’s a little difficult to roll backwards.

Still, this lift is affordably-priced and a practical choice for patients who need an easy-to-assemble lift.

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2. Medline Hydraulic Lift

hydraulic patient liftMedline’s hydraulic lift offers a high weight capacity, a sturdy four-wheel design and compatibility with 4 and 6 point slings. The durable construction of this lift provides peace of mind, and the adjustable design makes it easier to adapt to your needs.


  • Base opens using a hand lever
  • Compatible with 4 and 6 point slings
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Lift range of 28″-73;” width base range of 23″-28.5;” base length of 42″
  • 4″ height clearance
  • Full body sling included
  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • 4 wheels with locking mechanism

Locking brakes create extra stability when lifting for enhanced safety. This model also comes with a full body sling, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing one separately. It’s compatible with both 4- and 6-point cradles for added convenience and functionality. This is one of the few patient-lifting devices that can pick someone up from the floor if necessary.

With a 400-pound weight capacity, this model can accommodate most users with ease.


  • Has just a 4″ clearance height
  • A full body sling is included
  • Can be used with both 4- and 6-point slings
  • Adjustable base opening
  • Locking wheels for added safety
  • Can lift someone up from the floor


  • Instructions aren’t clear

The main drawback with this hydraulic lift is that the instructions are poorly written. That makes assembly a little more complicated. Still, this lift is durable, easy to use and has the unique capability of lifting someone from the floor.

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3. Drive Medical Lift with Six Point Cradle

If you need a high weight capacity and a heavy-duty lift, the Drive Medical hoyer patient lift may be a good option for you. This model can support up to 450 pounds of weight, and its advanced hydraulic system allows you to lift and lower the patient gradually.


  • High-end hydraulics lift and lower gradually
  • Designed for 6-point cradles
  • Adjustable base
  • 5″ casters
  • Weight capacity: 450 pounds
  • Brakes on the casters for added safety


  • Gradual lifting and lowering makes the process more comfortable
  • Brakes on the casters add to the safety of the lift
  • Works with 6-point cradles
  • Adjustable base is more accommodating for users
  • Offers a high weight capacity


  • Does not include a sling

The primary issue with this model is that it doesn’t come with a sling. You’ll have to purchase one separately. But the high weight capacity and ultra-durable design make this just a minor issue.

Patient lifts make a caregiver’s job easier and safer. Hydraulic lifts may require a little more manual power, but they’re more affordable and there’s no need to worry about electronic parts breaking down. The three models listed above are some of our favorites, but there are dozens on the market today. Just make sure to consider the points listed in our guide above before making a final decision.

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